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Universal Grounding Mat

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33*60cm - R749.00

60*90cm - R899.00

Grounding mats are an easy and effective way to keep yourself grounded while working or studying indoors. You can now conveniently bring the outdoors straight to you, while experiencing the health benefits of being grounded.

Grounding (also known as earthing) is a therapeutic technique that allows you to safely reconnect to the natural energy provided by the earth. Grounding may help manage a wide range of health concerns which include anxiety & stress, joint & muscle pain, sleep apnea and more. With increased quality of sleep, you may experience increased levels of energy and decreased levels of cortisol.
Grounding mats are used by connecting to the ground port of a properly grounded outlet. Grounding mats don’t connect to any electrical power which makes them safe to use for humans and animals. They are manufactured with resistors to provide extra protection. Have any questions regarding this product? Read our Grounding product guide

    • Sizes: Small(33cmx60cm) and Large(60cmx90cm)
    • Material: 0.8mm conductive leather
    • Colour: Black
    • Soft & smooth surface
    • Flexible & convenient
    • Easy Storage
    • Anti-Static
    • Safe for humans & animals